What Our Customers Say

My landlord left a bag of Hotsticks in my garage.  It burns awesome!  I am interested in buying more!

A.T. Hamburg, NJ

I really like the HOTSTICKS product—it is the best “over-the-counter” firewood I have ever used.  I have been buying your product from my local Food Lion.

S.T. Richmond, VA

Thank you for helping me place an order for Kindling on-line through Kmart.  This means so much to us.  The Gish Company certainly has incredible employees! You give new meaning to “going the extra mile”.

D.L. Charlotte, NC

I have been burning firewood for 30 years and yours is the best that I have ever used.  I haven’t tried it, but I think I could almost light yours with a match.  It is a simply fantastic product!  Additionally, the increased BTUs and minimized ash is wonderful!

A.G. Philadelphia, PA


  • Renovations moving forward

    July 17, 2015 0 comment(s)
    We have completed our 1st stage of renovations to increase our firewood capacity. We now have 3 new circular saw Multitek processors up and running. This required major changes to...